Butch Arnold, President
Alan Clemens, Vice President
Jimmy Perdomo, Communications
Curt DeRemer Media

Members  Statistics

 Please send me your place and what show and date so I can post it.

Juli: Best Modern Mopar  


New Orleans show
Butch:  Best Modern Charger 


Strawberry festival

George won 4  categories.

George Albright Tax collector show 2/25/23
Curt (Best in show) Albrights choice

Festival of Speed

Curt American Mopar Patriot
Jeorge American Muscle Super Star
Bret  Outstanding Mopar

2022 FMA Show
We had 149 cars despite the hurricane for our 2022 show!

FMA show results Congratulations to all !!

Wendy Hoffman - Persons BEST in Show

Butch 1st SRT Stock

Jorg 1st SRT Modified

Curt 1st E Body Modified 

Reco 1st 2008- Present Modified Challengers

Bret 2nd 2008-Present Modified Challengers

Curt 3rd 2008 – Present Modified Challengers

April 2nd 2008 - Present Stock Challengers

John 2nd Modified jeep

Mike. O 1st Stock 2008- 2016 Challengers

Juli 2nd 2008-2016 stock Challengers

Mike. A 1st C Body 1960 & newer

Black Diamond 2022

Curt Best Of Show Overall

Reco Best of show 2010-2022

Roxanne Best 1960-1981 Classic Mopar

Richard & Paige Second Best car

April 2nd Place Modern Class 2018-2022

Jorge Outstanding 1981-2017

Cops & Cars 2022

Curt Best of show

Roxanne 2nd place Classic Mopar

New Orleans show 2022
John  1st

Butch  2nd

34th Sunshine state Mopar 2021

Best In Show Classic. Curt

Modified Hellcat Sunday 1st / 2nd Saturday. John

Challenger 2008-2014 Modified 3rd Saturday / 1st Sunday. Deb

A-Body Modified 2nd Saturday and Sunday. Butch

B-Body Stock 1st Saturday and Sunday. Glen

FMA choice classic Sunday. Jim

FMA choice Modern Sunday.1st

Modern 2008-2014 modified 2nd on Saturday. Bret

Stock challenger 2015-2020 2nd Saturday and Sunday. Eric

Modern challenger stock 1st. 2015-2020 Sunday. April

Best in class #22. Rico

Black Diamond Invitational 10/23/21

Curt. 2nd Runner Up Overall

John. Boman 3nd place Overall

Butch. Best Classic Mopar,

Bret. Best Modern Mopar

Music City 2021

Butch      1st  SRT

April        1st Stock

    Bret         3rd Stock   

Roxanne     1st Modified

     Curt         2nd Modified 

Carlisle PA 
John  1st SRT Class

Lakeland Auto fest

Glen - Celebrity choice Friday

Curt – Celebrity Choice Saturday X 2

FMA 2nd place in club challenge ( most cars at show) Sunday

Strawberry Festival

Curt Best Mopar 1970 Challenger 
Jorge peoples choice

Rock Crusher show Jan 25th

Curt Best of Show Classic Mopar (The Grinch's first public Appearance )

Bret best of Show Modern Mopar
Allen  Outstanding Vehicle


Sunshine State Mopar Show

Curt Saturday 1st place participants award 

Curt Sunday 2nd place


(New Members.) Juli Peters & Shelby O'Neal 2014 anniversary


Glen Saturday 3rd place participants award

Sunday 2nd place award.


Derek 2nd place 15 and newer Challenger stock 



Patty 3rd place in class 23 for me and Mr. Sunshine.



Roxanne got third place modified Challengers 2008- present (on Sunday)

Jim & Shari SAT. 3rd place

  on SUN. 1st place in category.

2nd place in category


1st Place Participants choice 

Mopar at Kings of the Streets 



1 st place 


Chiefland show Jorge Best of show and Sonny’s pick & $100

Inverness show

 John B Best of Show Modern Mopar

Brett 2nd Modern Mopar 

Glen 3rd in modern mopar.

Good job guys.

Music city show

Butch  Best of Show  

Roxanna 3rd modern challengers Music city show


 Top 25 Ocala Elk’s Lodge


Citra North Ocala Swap and Meet Spectators  and People


Jorge Best Mopar at Callahan’s Saturday May 18 

Curt & Roxanne top 30 

Battleship show 

Mount Dora Guitars and Cars Best 


Most Bling Trophy at Hot cars and cool cats


First Assembly People's Choice

Jorge market of Marion club choice


People’s Choice at Gainesville Nationals


Strawberry fest Peoples choice

Citrus Mopar Show

Class 7 Rear Wheel Drive 1998 to 2014  Curt First Place

Class 8 Rear wheel Drive 2015 and Newer   Glen First Place  

Roxanne  Second Place  

Top 18 Outstanding Vehicles




Marion Motor Fest

Jorge  best of show custom street.

Summer crush vineyard show

John B 3rd place gen 3 Hemi

Glen B 2nd Place gen 3 Hem


George Albright show.

Jorge top 25 & people’s choice


twilight cruisers toys for tots

Jorge People’s choice

Sunshine state show

John B

Sat - 2nd place Stock new cars,

Sun - 1st place Modern MOPAR



participants choice - 2nd place Challenger Modified.

 Sunday Judged - 3rd place Challenger Modified.



First place, modern Challenger modified

 Saturday, participants choice



3rd participants choice modern challenger Modified


Wayne Anderson

2nd place Saturday. 1977 AMC Pacer Panel Wagon



Best of show Modern Participant Choice


Jorge won Best Modern Muscle Diamond Trophy and a 100 bill at the Black Diamond annual Car Show

Jorge got peoples choice at the pumpkin run

Jorge win best engine at the elks club show.

                                                                                     Jorge and Patti

Best of show in class October 6, 2018 Palatka Car show

  Jorge took 3Rd at the Ocala Police show !

Results from the Music City Show 8/22/18

Butch earned: Longest towed vehicle, A-Body/ Modified 1st place, and Club Choice! What a hat trick!!

Modern Challenger, 1st place, John Boman, 2nd place Jim Perdomo.

And in New Challenger/Modified Roxanne Manzone 3rd place.


                                                                      Jorge tilted kilt best modern mopar 7/21/18

 Jorge won at Market Of Marion 6/23/18

Jorge win top 15 ant chiefland farmers market

Jorge May28,2018 Highland Memorial Day Car Show Second Place

Jorge got Best of show At the Odessa ranch show. good job !

                                            Roxanne win top 5 Mopars at the Atlanta show

                                                          Butch & Jorge also received Atlanta awards


Jorge win at the Downtown  Dunellen Police show April 14th

Jorge received

Festival of Speed at the Mission Inn Golf Resort at Howie in the Hill ( Best Muscle Contemporary).

                                                                        Festival of Speed St. Petersburg Fl

                                                                           Jorge won Best Modern Muscle

New Orleans show

Best New Challenger


Top 50

Allen, Derek, Patti, Roxanne, John

Jim.P, Jim.M, Ken

inverness show results


John Best Modern Muscle

Roxanne Outstanding Vehicle

Ralph best late model

Top 18 





 Not bad team MOO 7 winners!

Jorge wins again best modified SRT8 @ the Mopar Nationals in Davie FL March 4 2018

Jorge and Emerson took top 25 @ the George Albright show 2/25/18

Jorge Won  peoples choice  Trophy place at market of Marion show 2/3/18

Great job at the Sunshine State Show (formally Mopars with Don Garlits) Nov 11-12 2017

Curt 2nd   Modern Mopar 08- present modified

Glen 3nd    Modern Mopar 08- present modified

John 2nd   Stock Modern Mopar 08- present

Jorge 2nd Modified SRT & 4th Spector choice on Saturday

Patti 2nd Modern Mopar SRT stock

Jorge top 25 Elks club show

Jorge best of show

Eustis car show October 7 2017


Market of Marion 

Jim P got President Choice.

New Orleans Mopar

Top 40 Awards

Alan Clemens,

 Butch Arnold,

Patty Gehring,

Jim Perdomo,

 Greg Griffith. 

Citrus show 3/1/17

Curt DeRemer--Best of Show-Modern Mopar


Roxanne Manzone--Class 6 First Place


Jim Perdomo--Class 6 Second Place


 Greg Griffith  --Class 8 First place


Butch Arnold--Class 8 Second Place


Derek Cummings --Top 24 Outstanding Vehicles


Alan Clemens--Top 24 Outstanding Vehicles


7 Members  7 Wins !!

Good job!

Habitat Strawberry Festival Car Show 3/1/17

Butch Won

Best Mopar


Peoples Choice

with the GTX

29Th South Florida Nationals

Jim Won

Best of show /  Best Modern Muscle

Garlits FMA show results 2016

11 Trophy's!!

Good Job  

Saturday            Place                                                           Class

Derrick               3rd                                     LC & LA 08-Pressent            Stock

Jim                       1st                                     SRT                                         Stock

Jorge                   1st                                     SRT                                          Modified

Bob Craven        3rd                                    Pro Street


Bob Craven         3rd                                    E- Body                                   Stock

Bob Craven         3rd                                    B-Body                                    Stock

Curt                     2nd                                    LC & LA 08 – Present            Modified

Jim P                    1st                                     SRT                                           Stock

Ken McNally      2nd                                    Rear Wheel drive NCE           Stock & Modified

Patti                     3rd                                    SRT                                            Stock                                                                      

Ralph                   2nd                                    E – Body                                   Modified

2016 Pumpkin Run results


Well we did pretty well At the Pumpkin Run  

Jorge got best Modern Muscle & Kids Choice

Butch  top 50              Friday

Curt  top 50                 Friday             

Derrick top 50            Sunday

Jim  won 2 x top 50   Friday

Patti top 50                Saturday

Butch took 1st at the Tennessee Mopar show 9-24-16 with the GTX

Jim took 1st at the citrus show 10-22-16 with his SRT8